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Hi coaches! My name is Zabella Hickenbottom and I am committed to my goal of playing fastpitch at the highest level. I have a 3.88 GPA and I am part of the class of 2026. I am a 5’2” second baseman and true utility player that has a high softball IQ and leaves everything on the field every time I play.  

I have played every position except pitcher. For travel ball my primary position is 2nd Base, and my secondary position is outfield. I play all three positions in the outfield. During major tournaments I also had the opportunity to play 1st base and 3rd base. For high school ball my primary position is shortstop. I just started catching for the first time on April 19, 2024. Coach needed a catcher, so I stepped up and have really enjoyed this position. 

Ever since I started playing, I have noticed that the toughest person on me is myself. I make sure that I always correct what needs to be fixed, learning from every practice and game to make myself a better player. I believe that my mindset, perseverance, and self-discipline have gotten me to where I am today. 

My character in softball carries over into all parts of my life. At my last school, I was chosen by my teachers to win the “Mary Award” for Christian character. I transferred schools my sophomore year for more academic opportunities. Academics are an extremely important part of my life and my softball journey. I want to attend a college that will give me the opportunity to push myself hard to become who I want to be.  For me, that means becoming an elite college softball player and majoring in criminology. I plan to major in criminology so that I can become an FBI agent who focuses on solving cold cases.

With softball, as in school, I strive to take every opportunity available to me. For example, I made the 16U PD team for the Softball Factory Fall Classic in Savannah, GA, which was an awesome experience. I also made the Classic Softball Academic Achievement Games in Wheeling, IL, and one of the USSSA All-American 13U teams in Viera, FL. My family is extremely supportive which means I have been able to participate in a lot of different events. Please see the Statistics and Achievements page of my website for a full list.

Thank you for taking the time to review my information. I am a coachable and determined student and athlete who will work hard on and off the field to represent your school’s ideals.